Automator Actions

Display Webpages in Tabs

A drop-in replacement for Apple’s “Display Webpages” Automator action that opens URLs in individual tabs.

Display Webpages in Tabs UI

Download (9.0 KB) Updated June 20, 2006


Copy Display Webpages In Tabs.action to either ~/Library/Automator/ or /Library/Automator/.


You should be able to use this action in place of any existing uses of the standard “Display Webpages” action. This action takes URLs as inputs and returns a reference to the Safari document containing the newly-loaded tabs. I believe the only difference between the two Automator actions is that Apple’s action returns references to Safari documents for each URL and this action returns a reference to the single Safari document containing the newly generated tabs.

Display Webpages in Tabs offers one additional feature — the option to being with an empty page. Selecting the “Start with empty window” option will create a new, blank window to contain the tabs for all the URLs passed into the action.


Display Webpages in Tabs requires both the activation of tabbed browsing and the selection of the “in a new tabe in the current window” option for the “Open links from application” preference (under Safari’s General preferences).


Display Webpages in Tabs only works with Safari.

Version History

1.0: June 20, 2006
Initial release.