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Still Mostly Down

Oct 01, 2003 in Site

If you’re reading this, then you’re viewing the now DreamHost-ed However, you’re likely also noticing that there isn’t much of anything from the old Turns out something funky happened to my backup file from the old XrackHosting account and it couldn’t be properly imported.

I’m chatting with the folks from Xrack to try and regain access to my MT installation (I’m getting a Forbidden message when I try to access mt.cgi), so hopefully all the content will be back shortly. Otherwise, I’m going to go back and hand-massage the mangled backup file. That will likely be a piecemeal process that will begin in earnest after I move this weekend.

Considering that I’m moving to a competitor, the folks at XrackHosting have been remarkably helpful. I have to give them props for that.

So, the short version is Welcome Back and Please Pardon the Dust 🙂


Sep 28, 2003 in Site

Got some downtime coming up while I switch hosts. Hopefully I won’t screw this up too badly…


Sep 24, 2003 in Site

Although I’ve still got a few months left on my XrackHosting account, I decided to take the plunge on DreamHost‘s insane deal — the top tier hosting account for the cost of the low tier account.

I don’t actually need everything in the high tier account, but then I saw this tidbit on the DreamHost home page: This special pricing will remain in effect for as long as you keep your account!” Unless I’m badly misreading this, I’ll continue to get the $80/month account for $10! That’s just nuts. Furthermore, if I a second domain to my web presence as I’ve been considering, I’ll recoup the money I’m leaving at XrackHosting in a few months.

Since I was likely planning on jumping to DreamHost when my account at XrackHosting expires, I figured now was as good a time as any.

No More Auto Discovery

Jul 05, 2003 in Site

I’ve turned off auto discovery of trackback because it seems to cause me more problems than it solves. If I link to you and forget to send a trackback, let me know.


Apr 01, 2003 in Internet, Site

Alright, I’m jumping on the band wagon — I’m now on BlogShares.

Listed on BlogShares

Hell, it’s gotta be safer than playing the real stock market.

When I heard about this, I though of a stock market-type game I played in high school where you traded in pop-culture figures: athletes, musicians, actors, etc. I can’t remember the name of that site, but it’s probably the same thing Erik’s remembering. Fortunately, my Internet connection is much better than is was in high school, so it won’t take 5 minutes to get a price quote. 🙂

Update: Has anybody manages to access BlogShares with Safari? I get the SBOD whenever I try.


Mar 28, 2003 in Site

If anybody’s been seeing the few test entries I’ve been posting, I apologize. I was making some changes to my templates and style sheets and when I rebuilt the site, there were no entries left on the front page.

I was rather confused by this and thought I’d messed up a template or something during my updates. I posted the test entries to see if the home page template was actually working. Turns out they were just fine. However, since I haven’t posted in 7 days, there weren’t any posts recent enough to make the front page. Oops.

Quick Changes Tonight

Mar 18, 2003 in Site

I made a few quick changes to the site tonight. I think the biggest thing is the introduction of an RSS 2.0 feed. If you’re using the 2.0 feed in NetNewsWire, the “Open Comments in Browser” contextual menu item will be active.

If you use select this option, you’ll be taken to the comment section of the selected entry. I considered going directly to the comment page, but my current template doesn’t offer any sort of navigation to other parts of the site. I may address this at some point in the future.

There’s also an RSS 0.91 that’s a part of the default Moveable Type installation. It’s never been linked from the main page, though I did notice some hits on this feed in my access log. There haven’t been any hits in the past few weeks, so I will probably discontinue the feed in favor of the RSS 2.0 feed. The RSS 1.0 feed will remain.

I’ve also added a few sites to my blog roll. I’ve already talked about MobileTracker.

Ranchero Software and are the web sites of Brett Simmons, the developer of NetNewsWire.

I don’t always agree with what Bill Bumgarner has to say, but when he writes about the Mac, he usually makes me think. To be honest, I like it when I have to think.

What’s It All Mean?!?

Mar 03, 2003 in Site

So Chris wants to know what raoli means 🙂 As a reminder, the tagline did warn you that these musing would be random and only occassionally coherent…

There’s no deep, personal meaning behind the name. It’s not something profound in a cool foreign language. It’s a typo.

Yup, a typo.

About a month or two ago, I went to get my daily dose of Railhead Design when both my brain and fingers went out to lunch. When I regained control of my faculties, I looked down and saw “raoli” typed into Chimera’s address bar. I stared at it for a second and though it might be an interesting name for a project I was developing. A quick check showed that was available. Another quick check, this time with Google, didn’t turn up anything that made me want to dump the name, so I filed it away in the mental rolodex for future use.

As it happened, my ideas for a weblog came to fruition faster than the aforementioned project, so I just repurposed the name when it came time to take this puppy online.

Now, I just need to come up with a name for the aforementioned project. I’m sure my fingers and brain can handle that, though.