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Experiences with a Sound Designer

Dec 13, 2008 in iPhone, Programming

Andy Finnell:

This is a description of my experiences with finding and hiring a sound designer to create royalty free, custom sound effects for my game. My experience with hiring and working with a sound designer was quite pleasant. The entire process was completed exactly one week after I first started contacting designers.

I’ve been spending a little time thinking about sounds in applications lately, so I enyoyed reading about Andy’s experiences with a sound designer.

Whither Cocoalicious?

Feb 15, 2008 in Mac, Programming

Buzz Andersen:

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time is talk a little bit about the state of my other popular Mac app, Cocoalicious.

I’m glad to see Buzz getting Cocoalicious up and running once more, and I’m not just saying that because I contributed to the next release.

Adding iTunes+ Support to TiVo

Jun 07, 2007 in Mac, Programming, TiVo

A little over two years ago, TiVo quietly enabled the ability to stream unprotected AAC to TiVos for use via the Home Media Option. I say quietly, because this feature required you to install lame and didn’t appear to be documented anywhere. At the time, I viewed this as a promising sign that TiVo was starting to make good on it’s then 2-year-old statement that they were looking to add AAC support to the HMO. However, it’s been another 2+ years since that time and not much has changed.

What has changed is that Apple unveiled iTunes+, complete with unprotected AAC files. In theory, these files should “just work” with TiVo’s existing AAC support. Of course, as is true of many things, the transition from theory to reality did not go as planned. As reported by The Apple Blog, iTunes+ still are not playable through HMO.

We come here not to bury TiVo, but to fix it.


Display Webpages in Tabs

Jun 21, 2006 in Display Webpages in Tabs, Mac, Programming, Projects

I was looking at my Projects page and realized I hadn’t added anything new for over 3 years. I also saw I had some year+ old code in my Sandbox folder that appeared ready for distribution.

In the spirit of those two things, I’m happy to actually post something new. My Display Webpages in Tabs Automator action is now available. This action is largely a drop-in replacement for Apple’s Display Webpages action. The main difference is that my action, appropraitely enough, generates new tabs for URLs instead of new windows. The other difference is that my action only returns a single document reference instead of one one reference for every created document.

You can download Display Webpages in Tabs directly or you can visit the Automator Actions page on this very site. I may get around to posting the other actions I’ve got floating around my system.

Experimenting With Light On Apple Notebook Computers

Jun 19, 2006 in Mac, Programming

John Gruber:

Amit Singh — who first published example code showing how to use unsupported APIs to use the motion sensors in Mac notebooks — now shows how to get readings from a Mac’s ambient light sensor and how to get and set the brightness of the backlit keyboards.

How long until someone writes a hack to use the keyboard backlight as a CPU monitor?

This particular Linked List entry is pointing Amit Singh’s experimentation with the Light Sensor API. The API allows access to the readings of the ambient light sensor, the LED brightness value of the backlit keyboard, and the display brightness.

Gruber’s CPU monitor could happen. Parhaps somebody could link brightness to system temperature? In either case, there should be an option to make the keyboard (and/or screen) throb the warp core on the Enterprise as CPU usage temperature increases.

Of course, I could see this eating into the PowerMate‘s market. I mean, who needs a flashing knob to notify you of email when you can have a flashing keyboard?

Cocoalicious 1.0b37

Sep 17, 2005 in Mac, Programming

Buzz posted the newest version of Cocoalicious this morning, including the favicon support that I worked on earlier in the summer. I haven’t looked at the code, but from the release build posted, the favicon downloading routine seems much more efficient than my original code.

I really want to find some time to look at the changes — one of the downsides of my original technique was that it only found favicons named “favicon.ico” that were in the root level of the server. If that’s still the case, I’d be interested in trying out the WebKit-approved method for finding favicons, since that also checks the actual HTML code for a link tag pointing towards an alternate location for the favicon.

It sounds like there lots of other cool stuff in this release as well. Check out the release notes and grab the latest version.

VoodooPad Post Mortem

Dec 09, 2004 in Programming

Gus Mueller:

When I finished VoodooPad 1.0, I told myself I would write a post-mortem about my experiences working on it. Only I never did that. Then when I finished 1.1 told myself I’d really do it this time. Bzzt. Ok, this time I really mean it.

Updated ODBEditor Classes

Nov 30, 2004 in Programming

Gus Mueller has posted an update to the ODBEditor classes that incorporates some changes I submitted to the code to differentiate between editing a string and editing a file and to handle Save As notifications from the editor.

Unless I’m forgetting something, this is the first time I’ve contributed code to any sort of open-source project.

The ODB Editor Suite is Apple Event based interface that allows applications to easily communicate with BBEdit — it’s at the heart of the “Edit in BBEdit” functionality found in many apps, including MarsEdit and Gus’es own Voodoo Pad 2.0. For more information, check out the Bare Bones web site


Mar 15, 2004 in Programming

Gee, I wish I had Affrus back when I was taking Perl in school.

Then again, I also wish I had OS X back when I was taking Perl, but that’s another story 🙂

[via Michael]

NSURLConnection and Amazon Web Services

Mar 11, 2004 in Programming

Is anybody using NSURLConnection to interract with the Web Services? I’ve got some code that’s supposed to iterate through the pages of a wishlist, but it seems to choke on certain URLs — AWS returns the generic “We encountered an error processing your request. Please retry.” message.

I’m using the REST interface to AWS and I’m making sure to leave at least 1 second between the end of one request and the beginning of the next.

If I grab the URL from the NSURLConnection and paste it into seemingly any other HTTP client, the results of the wishlist are properly downloaded. I’ve attempted this with IE, Safari, and curl.

Normally, I’d chalk this up to some random occurrence, but my code / AWS is choking on the same pages in a given wishlist every time. I’m not really sure how one goes about debugging connections with AWS, so if anybody has any tips they’de like to share, they’d be greatly appreciated.