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Bed Race 2004

Aug 05, 2004 in My World

Sam and I ventured into Newburyport today for the annual Yankee Homecoming Bed Race. This was the third race, and the first one which our team, the Stud Chimps, didn’t run.

After winning the first two races, our team sort of fell apart for various reasons. Even though we weren’t running, we were certainly remembered — the local newspaper noted there were rumors we weren’t running, so other teams might have a chance to win. Of course, the local newspaper also thought we were UNH graduates who’d moved on. I don’t think I’ve ever actually set foot on the UNH campus.

So, Sam and I pretty much had to attend, to at least carry on the good name of the Stud Chimps. We had a good time chatting with the folks who organized the race and ran against us in previous years. It was somewhat disappointing to watch the race without taking part, though.

It looks like the Stud Chimps may be making a return in the future. For the first time, somebody posted a time within 15 seconds of either of our times. The first year, we ran a 1:15. The second, a 1:11. This year’s winners posted a time a 1:14.

Complicating matter, Fox25 was covering the race for their community segment of the morning news. Apparently, the fellow who does these segments is a bit of a rabble-rouser and got us to challenge this year’s winner. On tape. For possible airing during next Thursday’s morning news.

So, if you’re in the Boston area and feel like watching TV between 6 and 9 AM, flip over to the Fox25 Morning News and look for the two guys in Stud Chimp t-shirts 🙂

Oh yeah, I just uploaded some photos from this year’s race and some older Stud Chimp photos from 2002.

Raena Rocks

Jun 22, 2004 in My World

I’ve joined the in-crowd — Raena‘s hooked me up with a gmail account and I was able to get a semi-sensible email address.

I think I’ll keep my personal mail at my existing addresses, but move most of my mailing lists over to the new address. Somehow, searching list archives with Google seems much more efficient that using Mailsmith.

…so yes, Raena does indeed rock.

Back Home

Feb 05, 2004 in My World

I actually got home from my vacation close to three days ago, but I’ve been running myself so ragged since then that I haven’t had a change to sit down and blog.

First off, Arizona absolutely rocked. It was the middle of January, I was walking around in shorts, and it wasn’t because I’d lost a bet.

I spent most of the vacation in the Phoenix area. We went to Rawhide one night, which is a Old West-themed park and restaurant. Seriously, how often do you get to eat fried rattlesnake and ride mechanical bull within 100 yards of each other?

I tried my hand at riding an ATV and had a blast. Came home covered in mud, but had a blast all the same.

There was one day spent in Tucson, where we hit the Pima Air & Space Museum, AMARC, and Saguaro National Park.

Some of the other highlights of the trip included dueling pianos at The Big Bang and wandering around the Tempe/Arizona State University area. We drove by the football stadium and it is just massive.

Aside from the battery picking an inopportune moment to die, the new toy fared nicely. I snapped over 100 photos during the week and my friends contributed another 100. I should have the pictures posted once I get Gallery working.

…and to prevent future untimely battery deaths, I’ve already eBay-ed two more batteries.

Suffice it to say, I would definitely like to get back to Arizona at some point. In fact, some friends and I have already begun talking about a trip to go rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Stuck on my Mind

Jan 06, 2004 in My World

Actually, the aforementioned vacation has already started weighing on my mind. It’s the first real get-away-no-plans vacation I’ve had in a few years.

The real proof that I’m in a vacation mood is that I’ve had the following lyric stuck in my head all day: Arizona, Arizona, here she comes.

…or is it here we come?

Whatever. It’s still damn annoying. I know I’ve heard that lyric recently, but I can’t remember where. Did it emanate from the radio? From my iPod. I just don’t know and it’s driving me NUTS!

Anybody know where that line is from? Anybody? I know I heard it somewhere. I’m fairly certain I’m not losing my mind.

Michael got it. And the lyric was actually California, not Arizona. Which means I’ve had a non-existent song stuck in my head all day. Now I’m really annoyed… and I’m starting to think it’s gonna be a really long 3 weeks till vacation. Grr.

Impeccable Timing

Sep 22, 2003 in My World

Talk about your impeccable timing. On Saturday, I received my permanent New Hampshire driver’s license. On Sunday, I signed a lease on a new apartment… in Massachusetts.

Fun With Cars II

Sep 17, 2003 in My World

Oddly enough, this time it’s not my car having the “fun.”

It’s a few days after the fact, but Larry has a new car. May he keep this one longer than he kept the last, which was stolen within the first few days of ownership.

Hey, it seemed like it fit in with the overall car theme…

Main point — my kid brother Dan’s car got creamed over the weekend. Somebody apparently had difficulty grasping that there are several cases where you should use the break. One such case is when you’re making a left turn. Another such case is when the car in front of you isn’t moving.

My brother acted correctly, following the first of these cases. The Induhvidual behind him managed to forget/ignore both of them.

Fortunately, my brother’s fine. The car behaved as designed, rear end crumpling instead of jumping into the middle of the intersection. However, there’s now one less Honda Accord owner in the family (if I remember correctly, it was a 1998).

I’ll say one thing about the kid — he’s got his priorities in order. My folks came down to pick him up and the car was about ready to be towed away but, damnit, my brother wasn’t going anywhere without his golf clubs. 🙂 He and my folks convinced somebody to tear out the back seat so said clubs could be rescued.

I spoke to Dan on Monday and he’s fine, though possibly a little pissed he wasn’t able to get out of class because of the accident. He’s getting a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander to replace the Accord. After having my own SUV experience, I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy one, but I realize it’s quite useful for a college student to have the extra cargo space for moving in and out of the dorm (not to mention the obligatory road trip).

Cutting the Cord

Aug 06, 2003 in My World


Wired has an AP article on something most people already knew–the amount of people who have had enough of landlines. According to the article, there are “as many as 7.5 million Americans who have “cut the cord” and gone solo with their cells.”

Funny timing on this article — over the weekend, I decided to join this club myself. For the last few weeks, I’ve been bitching about both the battery life of my cell phone (it drops out during long conversations) and the exceptionally poor sound quality of the landline in my apartment. Finally, I sat down and did some math. I’ve got a year left on my current Verizon Wireless contract. For what I’d spend on landline fees over that time, I could afford to buy a decent used cell phone off eBay.

This time around, I actually researched phones instead of just buying the first cheap thing I could find (like I did after laundering my original cell phone). I settled on buying something from the Motorola v60 series — it seemed like they had the best combination of size, battery life, features, and price available on the Verizon network. I found a decent deal on a v60c. I was originally aiming for a v60i, since it’s compatible with iSync, but I wasn’t able to find an acceptable deal.

Actually, I’ve heard that there’s a way to flash the v60c to a v60i, but I wasn’t able to find any info on Google. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d do it, but since I doubt either Verizon or Motorola would provide support anyhow, I’d at least like to look into it.

By the way, my new dream phone is the SonyEriccson Z600. I’m back on a flip-phone kick and have been really impressed with SonyEriccson‘s offerrings as of late. Maybe Verizon will finally get on board with SE by the time my contract expires.

Fun with Cars

Aug 04, 2003 in My World

As I sit in the waiting room at the Honda dealership waiting for the service department to finish my oil change, I’m faced with the choice between staring out the window at the rain and seeing the reflection of an irate customer or typing up something and ending my temporary blogging hiatus.

OK, take 2. As soon as I finished the above paragraph, the fellow at the desk called my name and told me my car was ready. Since this was the first service for my car, the dealership did it for free. Pleasantly surprised, I closed down my laptop and figured I’d finish this post with my original idea when I got home. Of course, then life decided to get interesting.

First off, you should realize we’ve had some torrential rain the last few days. As a result, the rather deep pothole on Route 114 was filled with water. Of course, I didn’t know the pothole was there my car dropped several inches and made a loud noise. When I came out of the pothole, the front passenger side of my car was still several inches lower than the rest of my car.

I really don’t know anybody else who can blow out a tire 5 minutes after leaving the dealership.

I swapped out the tire because I knew if I waited for AAA, the dealership would close before I could get there. I showed up 30 minutes before closing time, my hands covered in grease and everything else covered in bug bites. The fellow behind the desk was rather surprised to see me again so soon.

Drive in Massachusetts long enough and your bound to hit some massive potholes. I’ve not missed my fair share and apparently the one I hit tonight was a killer. Since the tire had some help in bursting, it wasn’t covered by the warranty and the dealership was out of that particular tire, so I trudged home on the donut. Since I planned on writing tonight anyhow, this whole experience seemed surreal enough that I should commit it to digital ink.

This is Innovation?

Jul 25, 2003 in My World

Bank of America is offering a mini-Visa card that you can clip to your keychain.

Why, exactly, would I want this?

Let’s see… if I want to buy something with it, I need to my keys out of my pocket instead of my wallet. Big whoop. My wallet’s usually easier to get because it has no sharp edges.

Even better — you lose your keys, you lose your credit card. I’ve lost keychains before. The one time somebody turned them in, the “Good Samaritan” apparently decided that my pull-apart keychain would make a nice reward. I’m sure they could have gotten a really nice reward if they’d had easy access to my credit card.

Reunion Wrapup

Jun 16, 2003 in My World

I can proudly say I managed to survive my reunion. Although I was looking forward to it, not even I could have imagined how well it would go. As I said beforehand, there wasn’t anybody on the list of attendees I was violently opposed to seeing.

Given the small number of people there and the shortness of time (just over 2 days), none of the high school cliques really reappeared. That’s not to say folks weren’t spending time with old friends, but there was very little of the pettiness between the different cliques that was so prevalent when we were younger. I think I spoke to spoke to some folks more during the weekend than I did in the 4 years we were together.

One of the advantages/disadvantages of a 3-day reunion where everybody stays together and nobody is driving is that things can get really wild, especially in the evenings. I burned through a role of pictures that I’m looking forward to getting back from the photo developer, but I have no intention of posting them here — I don’t want to destroy any budding political careers. 🙂

I did end up with an unexpected souvenir from the weekend. Somehow, half the handset from a telephone that went through a dorm window ended up in my car. I think I know how it got there, but I’m not completely certain. Ah, memories.

I managed to keep up my pledge to stay computer-free all weekend. I have was having so much fun and had almost no down-time, so it wasn’t the least bit difficult.

One of the common topics of the weekend was where people ended up after graduation, so I was amused when I hopped online Sunday night and saw this posted to Erik Barzeski’s weblog. One friend was moving to Texas the day after graduation. Another’s going to California next month. One of my former classmates moved to San Diego on a whim, without a job or a place to live, and is having a blast.

As for me, I’m still 20 minutes from where I grew up. The more I heard about my classmates’ experiences, the more I was wondering if I’d made the right decision. Sure, I’m working now, but there were a few months where I toyed with the idea of getting in my car and setting up wherever I felt like stopping. As the weekend progressed, I started running into other people who’re still in the area, including a few I might try to stay keep track of instead of waiting for the 10th reunion… course, we could need those 5 years just to recover from number 5.

Wow. Gramatically, this could be one of the worst entries I’ve ever penned. The only changes are some grammatical fixes. Also, this should give me a chance to check out NetNewsWire‘s new feature for handling updated entries.