Last One to the Party

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 @ 8:27 pm | Mac

Glenn Fleishman

…but they added back folder sharing, a feature never seen in Mac OS X, even though it was widely used in Mac OS X 9 [sic] and releases before that.

Combined with Data Detectors, it looks like we’ve got new leaders in the clubhouse for the coveted title of “Last Classic Mac OS Feature to Migrate.”

Anybody think of any remaining features which might make the jump in the future?

3 Responses to “Last One to the Party”

  1. Glenn Fleishman Says:

    That’s hilarious!

    Actually, there’s “feature in Mac OS X that’s most like a feature that was underimplemented in OS 9 or earlier”: software base station. They keep moving it around. Now it’s in a different tab in Leopard, but Internet sharing is still unable to use WPA encryption or 128-bit WEP, and other aspects are poor, too.

  2. rob colonna Says:

    to be fair, the data detectors used to be a fairly obscure free download for the classic os 8 and 9, if i remember correctly; very cool stuff at the time, but not something a lot of people used. i still wouldn’t mind having a fully-customizable apple menu again, or windowshade. maybe with a really elaborate animated rolling-up. that’s what’s so amazing about os x today, and perhaps even more so, the iphone. all these little nuggets of stuff that they’ve done since 1995, all still there, mixed in in such a way to make you think they finally found a good home for all the random good stuff they’ve done.

  3. Eric Says:

    Rob – OS X has definitely come a long way from the days when “What OS 9 feature do you want in OS X” could be answered by saying something like “CD Burning.”

    Thinking about it, I’d like to see an updated implementation of Publish and Subscribe at the OS level. We’ve got a third party solution in LinkBack, but I think there’d be more developer support if such a tech was standardized in the OS. Perhaps mix in some Time Machine support so you could choose between different revisions of the linked item.