Youth Movement

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 @ 8:53 pm | Sports

Boston Globe:

Papelbon, the mainstay among that young group, is 25. Delcarmen is 24. Hansen and Lester are 22. Lopez is 28 but is new to the team and is in his fourth big-league season.

It looks like the Red Sox are making a commitment to youth in the pitching staff right now, which is great. From a fan’s perspective, the young guys are always interesting because they represent the potential for new and possibly great things. In the Sox case, none of the off-season bullpen acquisitions (Julian Tavarez, Rudy Seanez, and the now-departed David Riske) have been consistently good and the Sox have already lost 2/5 of the Opening Day starting rotation, so the possibility of greatness (or even competence) is better than the reality of the current situation.

As I write this, the one starter from that group (Lester) is currently pitching against the Nationals. Thanks to David Ortiz’ Grand Slam, Lester has a 4-1 lead and he’s struck out 9 though 4 innings. Performances like this make me wait to check my laundry until the Sox are batting.

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  1. David Siebecker Says:

    Isn’t that what the pause button is for? Or are you watching on the web?