Product Announcements and TuneCenter Pro

Thursday, April 6th, 2006 @ 6:24 pm | iPod

Griffin Technology makes some great stuff, some of which I’ve used and some of which I’ve oggled over the years. That said, there’s quite often a lag between when they annoucen a product and when they ship said product — anybody remeber how much time passed between the announcement and shipment of the iTrip? I think there was like a week between the time the iTrip shipped and Apple redesigning the iPod so that it no longer worked with the iTrip.

So, Griffin just announced the TuneCenter Pro, an enhanced version of the TuneCenter that includes wireless networking. One catch — the TuneCenter hasn’t actually shipped yet. Yeah, I’m slightly amused.

The TuneCenter’s scheduled to ship in May, the TuneCenter Pro in June. Apparently, though, if you order a TuneCenter by Monday, you get a free upgrade to the TuneCenter Pro. Don’t know if this applies to previous pre-orders.

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