Yojimbo 1.0

Monday, January 23rd, 2006 @ 11:14 pm | Mac

Seeing as how I’m a sucker for any Bare Bones product (what can I say, I like their work), I’ve given Yojimbo a quick look this evening.

I’ve already developed niches for VoodooPad Lite and OmniOutliner Pro in my daily documenting workflows and, so far, don’t see Yojimbo dislodging either of those tools. OmniOutliner is too good as an outliner. Likewise, VoodooPad’s wiki links are far to valuable to give up for certain tasks and, had I stayed at work, I would’ve certainly upgraded to the full version for the plugin support.

The thing that’s currently catching my attention about Yojimbo is built-in support for Web Archives and PDF Archives. My profs are currently pointing us to a lot of web site and supplying a number of PDFs, so I like the idea of having one application keep track of all my class texts. It seems more efficient than keeping everything in the Finder and jumping between Preview and Safari. Also, since GW’s new business school building apparently doesn’t offer 802.11b wireless (seems to be 802.11g-only), converting links to Web Archives when I’m at home might come in handy.

The lack of AppleScript support is truly annoying, however. When I initially fired up Yojimbo and played with the Web Archive support, my first thought was “I’m going to write a script to take the current URL from Cocoalicious and add it to Yojimbo as a Web Archive.” Yeah, so much for that thought.

(Barring AppleScript support — though I’d much rather have AppleScript support — a yojimbo: URL scheme might allow for some inter-app communications. At the very least, I could see this used to create bookmarklets for adding new items to the Yojimbo database.)

I’ll probably play with the app for a few days and see how well it fits into my workflow.

4 Responses to “Yojimbo 1.0”

  1. David Siebecker Says:

    I thought that g was backwards compatible with b. Are they running an a network?

  2. Eric Says:

    g is backwards compatible with b. That’s one of of the big selling points. However, most APs let you select which modes are active. It appears that whoever’s responsible for maintaining the network has disabled b access. I put in a help ticket with support, but they directed me to somebody else and I haven’t had time to run down the appropriate people.

    Check the Airport Admin Utility for your Airport Express – it’s the Mode popup menu.

    I tested out this hypothesis with my Dell by switching the mode on the wireless card – when I was in auto-detect or g-only mode, I could connect to the network; when I was in b-only mode it was no-go.

  3. Michael McCracken Says:

    Apologies for the self-promotion, but if you’re looking for an app that helps keep track of academic PDFs and web pages, and don’t mind the LaTeX/BibTeX heritage, BibDesk (http://bibdesk.sf.net) might be worth a look – that’s what we wrote it for.

    I also think Yojimbo’s strongest point is its support (largely leveraging OS X’s native support) for lots of content types, web pages, word docs, PDFs, etc.

  4. Eric Says:

    No problem with self-promotion, as long as its relevant. Heck, I think we have a few courses devoted to the art in the b-school 🙂

    Honestly, from what I’ve read about BibDesk on your site, I wouldn’t have connected it with what I’m using Yojimbo for – I was thinking it was more a tool more for creating bibliographies as opposed to tracking full documents.