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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005 @ 9:59 pm | iPod

John Gruber:

The new iPods do not support FireWire. Not just no FireWire cables in the box; no FireWire, period. Such is the price of smaller and thinner, I suppose.

Yeah, I noticed this as well. Kind of a bummer for those of us using computers which only offer FireWire or USB 1.1… not that I’ll be dropping $300-$400 on any new toys soon…

I wonder if it’s really a “smaller and thinner” thing or if Apple just decided it was a better financial decision to not build in FireWire support than to include it and make people buy the FireWire cable separately.

I’m sitting here looking at my year-old 40 GB iPod and the thing looks like a relic.

Welcome to the club 🙂 Between the DC Metro and the walk to school, I see a bunch of iPods every day. Until yesterday, I hadn’t seen another person carrying around a 3G iPod — they were all 4Gs, Minis, or Nanos.

Actually, I saw the other 3G owner at an iPod focus group organized by a few guys in a buyer behavior class. The timing of the focus group was a bit humorous, being a day before a major Apple announcement that was rumored to be iPod-related. It mostly focussed on why we bought iPods and whether we thought the iPod experience would push us towards Macs.

The group was pretty small (9 people?). Three owned Macs and the other six said they didn’t think their iPod would necessarily push them towards Macs in the future. However, their iPods did nothing to dissuade them from buying a Mac.

It was pretty fun and we get bribed with iTunes gift cards. I wouldn’t be surprised if the one undergrad in the focus group felt a bit on the outside — the other 8 of us were all first year MBA students who already knew each other.

At some point, though, I volunteered to look at two iPods to see about problems their owners were having. Hmm. I thought I was trying to get out of that business. Whatever.

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  1. David Siebecker Says:

    You gotta work some dates out of the repair business;)