Quick iPod announcement thoughts…

Thursday, September 8th, 2005 @ 1:26 am | iPod
  • I haven’t seen it in person, but the images of the ROKR just aren’t doing anything for me right now. Motorola has shown some really slick phone designs, going back to the original release of the RAZR and up through newer designs like the PEBL and the SLVR. To my eye, the L6 and L2 models, the low-end offshoots of the SLVR, look nicer than the ROKR. For lack of a better word, the ROKR just looks clunky.

    I know looks aren’t the most important thing when you’re shopping for a new cell phone, but the appearance is one of the first things you notice.

    From the Phone Scoop specs, the three candy-bar phones are all all less than .5″ thick. The RAZR is .54″ thick. The PEBL is .79″ thick (I assume those are the thickness of the phones when closed). According to Engadget, the ROKR is .8″ thick.

    If I’m spending $250 on a subsidized phone, I want something thinner than freebie I got when signing my last contract. Or, failing that, at least give me something thinner than a clamshell phone.

  • iPod nano nice. iPod nano shiny. Me like iPod nano. Me like iPod nano more than clunky ROKR. Me not going to buy iPod nano because me poor grad student, but me still like.

    (Can you tell that I’m having trouble re-adjusting to this whole school thing?)

  • iTunes’ improved search functionality is nice, but a little inconsistent. Some fields, like Album, are always searched, but others, like Description, are only searched when they are displayed. I was in the library view and decided I wanted to find the episode of Baseball Prospectus Radio with Aaron Schaltz. I typed “Scha” into the search field. Nothing. Selected the Podcast search option. Still nothing.

    I found the episode by switching to the Podcasts list and searching again, but why should this basic piece of metadata be ignored based on a UI setting?

  • Getting iTunes for Windows to sync Outlook contacts is nice, but somehow I doubt it’ll let me use my iPod to sync contacts between my Mac and my PC — beyond the whole HFS+ versus FAT32 (or whatever the Windows-formatted iPod uses) thing, I assume the syncing is actually just a one-way copy.

Maybe more later, depending on my time constraints. I wouldn’t bet good money on it, though.

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