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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005 @ 10:30 pm | iPod, Sports

Associated Press:

The National Football League on Tuesday announced an agreement with Audible Inc., an online distributor of audiobooks and other spoken-word programming, to make recordings of this year’s remaining playoff games available for portable audio players, including Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod.

This is pretty cool. If the Patriots win another Super Bowl, I’ll definitely purchase the broadcast. I’m particularly impressed that they’re going to offer the local broadcasts in addition to the national feed. WBCN has run brief highlights from the Pats two Super Bowl victories, but the NFL has never granted permission for BCN to replay the entire broadcast.

Granted, the NFL’s refusal to let the Patriots’ broadcast partner replay the game might have something to do with the fact that the NFL is able to charge $10 to download the game.

Conversely, Major League Baseball offers low quality video downloads of complete games for just $3.95. However, MLBs Digital Download Services uses Microsoft Digital Rights Management, so the videos aren’t playable on the Mac, nor can you burn them DVDs for playback on TV.

So, assuming the Patriots are able to take home this year’s Lombardi trophy, the next step is to get the Super Bowl telecast onto my computer and replace the oh-so-annoying Fox broadcasters with the quality work of WBCN broadcast team, Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti.

So, any chance the NFL will make older Super Bowls available at a later time? They certainly have the audio archived in a safe location. I’d pay to get downloads of the Pats 2001 and 2003 Super Bowl victories. I do think that the sounds of past glories would make a good soundtrack to a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Erik J. Barzeski Says:

    Here we go Steelers here we go! 🙂