Netflix, NetNewsWire, and Netflix Freak

Thursday, September 30th, 2004 @ 2:02 am | Mac

After moving into my new apartment, I got around to signing up for Netflix (thanks, Lee!). Then, I hopped online and grabbed a copy of Netflix Freak.

In anticipation of getting Netflix, I’d been skimming their RSS feeds in PulpFiction. I thought they were useful as reminders about which movies were available and which movies were “hot,” but I didn’t think much more about them.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I thought it would be cool if I could drag RSS entries from PulpFiction to Netflix Freak and have them added to my queue. PulpFiction, like NetNewsWire, supports a well documented clipboard format for RSS sources and RSS items, so this type of integration could be possible. I passed this thought along to the folks at The Little App Factory and they said they’d consider it.

Around this same time, first public beta of NetNewsWire 2.0 was released. I’d read some of what Brent Simmons wanted to add to this release and I was intrigued, so I downloaded it and imported my subscriptions from PulpFiction.

After a while, I tried something I’d never previously liked in any news readers — integrated web browsing. Much to my surprise, I liked it. I’d say it meets something like 98% of my browsing needs.

Tonight, it hit me — NetNewsWire has built-in support for Netflix queuing! When an interesting movie pops up in an RSS feed, I simply:

  1. hit the Right Arrow to open it in the built-in web browser
  2. hit Command-Shift-Left Arrow to switches to the newly created tab (Command-Shift-Right Arrow would work if there was only a single tab opened).
  3. click the Add button

The next time NetNewsWire downloads my feeds, the new DVDs show up in my queue. If I want to modify my queue, now I bring up Netflix Freak.

(I realize I could do this in PulpFiction, but like I said, NetNewsWire’s implementation of integrated browsing was the first one that I liked using.)

At first glance, NetNewsWire and Netflix Freak don’t seem to have much in common aside from connecting to the Net. It’s really cool what’s possible thanks to things like WebKit and Web Services.

Now, if I can just figure out how command-clicking works in the NetNewsWire browser, I’ll be real happy 🙂

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  1. netflix Says:

    good luck wit hgetting netflix, it rules