Bed Race 2004

Thursday, August 5th, 2004 @ 10:56 pm | My World

Sam and I ventured into Newburyport today for the annual Yankee Homecoming Bed Race. This was the third race, and the first one which our team, the Stud Chimps, didn’t run.

After winning the first two races, our team sort of fell apart for various reasons. Even though we weren’t running, we were certainly remembered — the local newspaper noted there were rumors we weren’t running, so other teams might have a chance to win. Of course, the local newspaper also thought we were UNH graduates who’d moved on. I don’t think I’ve ever actually set foot on the UNH campus.

So, Sam and I pretty much had to attend, to at least carry on the good name of the Stud Chimps. We had a good time chatting with the folks who organized the race and ran against us in previous years. It was somewhat disappointing to watch the race without taking part, though.

It looks like the Stud Chimps may be making a return in the future. For the first time, somebody posted a time within 15 seconds of either of our times. The first year, we ran a 1:15. The second, a 1:11. This year’s winners posted a time a 1:14.

Complicating matter, Fox25 was covering the race for their community segment of the morning news. Apparently, the fellow who does these segments is a bit of a rabble-rouser and got us to challenge this year’s winner. On tape. For possible airing during next Thursday’s morning news.

So, if you’re in the Boston area and feel like watching TV between 6 and 9 AM, flip over to the Fox25 Morning News and look for the two guys in Stud Chimp t-shirts 🙂

Oh yeah, I just uploaded some photos from this year’s race and some older Stud Chimp photos from 2002.

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