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Saturday, July 10th, 2004 @ 5:42 pm | Mac

Michael Tsai:

The Konfabulator developers are in an unfortunate situation, partially of their own making, but what’s getting lost in that coverage is that the Mac is now a platform for writing client-side Web applications.

Yeah, the Dashboard/Konfabulator thing’s been out there for a few weeks now, but this is the first chance I’ve had to collect my various thoughts into one place. Others have already covered most of my thoughts, but I’d still like to share my main point.

I’m a huge believer that for something like Dashboard or Konfabulator to be successful, it has to be included in the OS.

When I say “successful,” I mean having a vibrant developer platform with support for a wide variety of different widgets/gadgets/tools. There are a number of Konfabulator widgets available, but most appear to be from small or individual developers. Larger developers seem to have stayed away from developing Konfabulator widgets. Likewise, web sites which have developed desktop components seem to have largely ignored the Mac.

If any web developers have proposed developing Konfabulator widgets in addition to their Windows desktop components, I’d image the conversations went something like this:

Developer: I want to write a Mac version of our tool.

Boss: You want to expend resources for roughly 5% of the market?

Developer: No, I want to expend resources for the portion of that 5% running a program called Konfabulator.

Boss: <stares disbelievingly at developer, starts laughing hysterically>

Dashboard could change this situation. Now, I don’t think every web developer is going to rush to create Dashboard widgets for the Mac, but I definitely think it’s easier to justify the cost of developing a Dashboard widget than a Konfabulator widget.

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