Free Home Media Option

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004 @ 12:44 am | TiVo

It’s been this way for about two weeks now, but TiVo has made the Home Media Option a part of the standard feature set for Series2 DVRs.

I reviewed the Home Media Option for ATPM slightly over a year ago (damn, where’s the time gone?!?) and not much has changed since then. The slide shows are still pretty basic. The promised AAC support hasn’t arrived. The integration with iTunes and iPhoto is still decent, though it would be cooler if you could sync your TiVo Desktop preferences with the sharing preferences built-in to the iLife applications.

Downside: I’ve gotten nothing new for the $100 I spent last year.

Upside: 1. If I can slip a wireless networking adapter on the back of my parent’s TiVo, I can probably impress the heck out of them. 2. If I buy another TiVo, it’s $50 I don’t have to spend.

Seems like I worthwhile tradeoff to me.

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