10.3.2 Installations and Safari

Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 @ 11:07 pm | Mac

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, but it always seems to get pushed to the back of the queue. I first wanted to write this after installing 10.3.2. Then I wanted to write it after I wiped clean my hard drive and reinstalled everything, starting with Panther and upgrading to 10.3.2. Now, I’m actually writing it.

Back in September, I wrote about the 10.2.8 installer not finding Safari in my /Applications/Internet folder, instead installing a new version in /Applications. In the comments, some folks agreed with me while others said I should just leave /Applications alone. In the latter group, some folks saying I should use alternative organization methods and others saying I should just Deal With It.

However, I’m stubborn. I continued to move Safari and managed to forget about my previous rant. Eventually, it dawned on me — 10.3.2 included an updated version of Safari, but I was using my hand-moved version. Was I using the old version of Safari or had the Apple installer correctly located Safari and honored the new location?

Safari installed in /Applications/Internet

Well, it turns out that Apple’s 10.3.2 installer found my copy of Safari inside of /Applications/Internet and installed the new version in this location. Likewise, the recently released Safari 1.2 update, which I installed via Software Update, also honored Safari’s new home.

Like I said, I should have written this months ago, but I’m just now getting around to it. A hearty thanks to the Apple installer group for getting this working properly.

3 Responses to “10.3.2 Installations and Safari”

  1. Buzz Andersen Says:

    Yeah, the moveable apps thing is a new feature in Panther. I wanted to mention that during your original rant, but unfortunately was bound by that nasty NDA :-(.

  2. Eric Blair Says:

    Yeah, they’re pesky, but not worth breaking 🙂

    Besides, it’s like the computer geek version of unwrapping a present!

  3. Tim Buchheim Says:

    Apple’s Installer has supported installation packages which search for old installations to update (rather than hardcoding paths) since 10.2, but they added a lot of important enhancements in 10.3 which make this feature a lot more usable. See Apple’s documentation.

    I guess they’re finally using this feature in their software update packages. It’s about time!