The Farmer’s PowerBook

Monday, November 3rd, 2003 @ 9:11 pm | Mac

So my PowerBook continues to rack up more frequent flyer miles than I could even dream of. For the few weeks before I dropped the ‘Book off at Apple, I’d been dealing with a broken hinge — the lower portion of the left screen hinge cover was bent. This put pressure on the bottom of the LCD, causing the plastic to crack. I knew it was time to get the thing fixed when the bottom of the LCD frame started to pull apart and a strip of foam-rubber fell onto my lap.

I dropped the PowerBook off on Saturday and got a phone call on Wednesday — the PowerBook was ready, but they were having trouble latching the screen shut and there was some “ghosting” in the lower right corner of the screen. I’d seen the ghosting before and hadn’t thought it was bad enough to warrant fixing, but the fellow who called me offered to send the ‘Book back to Apple once more to fix the two problems.

Friday night I get a call that laptop’s ready once more. Suffice it to say, I’m very impressed with the speed that my computer as shipped cross-country, fixed, and shipped back. The ghosting wasn’t fixed, but it’s still barely noticeable — unless I’m looking at a very flat, colored background, it isn’t noticeable. However, I was quite amused by the parts list the two different repairs.

Repair One:
  • Top Housing Subassembly
  • LCD Bezel
  • Keyboard
  • “SVC, ECN, TOPCASE” (No, I don’t know what this is. I thought Service, but why would that be on a parts list?)
Repair Two:
  • Top Housing Subassembly
  • LCD Bezel
  • P12 Clutch Cover
  • P25 Top Case Button Latch
  • DC Input

Yup, three top housings and three LCD bezels in just over a week. Throw in the top housing and bottom housing I had replaced last year and I think the only original pieces left of the outer casing are the two screen hinge covers. When you also consider the hard drive I had replaced last summer and it’s clear that my PowerBook is rapidly becoming the 21st century equivalent of the Farmer’s Axe — the handle’s been replaced three times and the axe head’s been replaced twice, but by golly, it’s still the same axe!

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