iCal 1.5.1

Sunday, October 12th, 2003 @ 6:57 pm | Mac

Michael writes about the latest version of iCal. It sounds like he’s looked at it more deeply than I. Having scheduled a few events, though, I feel that 1.5.1 is a definite improvement over the 1.0 release.

First off, I really like the new drawer. One of my complaints about the old inspector is that it could get separated from the calendar window if you move or resize your window or you change your calendar view. Now, the additional information about appointments is always right next to window, exactly where I’m expecting it. However, I’m not trying to view calendars on an iBook screen.

Second, the location field is nice. Honesty, I can’t remember whether or not this field was in 1.0 (I want to say “No,” but I’m not sure since I can’t call up 1.0 for comparison). At the very least, the new drawer interface does a better job of exposing the field. As far as I can tell, though, the iPod calendar interface does not appear to display this information. Too bad.

Third, as Michael points out, iCal no longer fights you when changing times and dates. That particular idiosyncracy was extremely annoying and I’m very happy the behavior was changed.

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