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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003 @ 8:20 pm | Internet

Chris Hanson:

However, for self-education, MIT OpenCourseWare is going to be really, really useful.

I’ve been looking at OpenCourseWare for about a week now and there are definitely some interesting courses available. I’m leaning towards doing the work for 6.046J Introduction to Algorithms.

6.046J sounds a bit like Data Structures and Algorithms at RPI. When I took the class, it was essentially in the middle of a redesign around STL and I’d just transferred from the University of Miami, where they did not teach STL. The muddled syllabus, combined with my general confusion for the first quarter of the class, didn’t make for the best learning experience. Hopefully, 6.046J will help me brush up these areas and move onto some of the more advanced materials.

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  1. Michael Tsai Says:

    6.064 is awesome. And timeless: there’s no STL, or C, or any language but pseudocode. Unfortunately, the pre-req, 6.042, is not in OCW yet. However you can access some of the course materials on the theory server. There are probably several years archived there, and I recommend the course notes by Tom Leighton.

  2. Michael Tsai Says:

    I meant 6.046, of course, not 6.064.

  3. Eric Blair Says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Michael. Fortunately, I took Discrete Math and covered State Machines in Models of Computation, so I shouldn’t be completely SOL. However, it will be nice once all the courses are available online, which it sounds like is the eventual plan.

    I’m going to check later tonight, but I think my discrete math class at RPI used the same text book as 6.042. Thanks for small favors, I guess.

  4. Michael Tsai Says:

    Yeah, the plan is to get everything online, which is very cool. The Rosen book isn’t very good, IMO, and it has a bunch lot of gaps. But, of course, if you’ve already read it once, it should be good for jogging your memory. 🙂

  5. Justin Says:

    Does the course cover bucket sorts? I didn’t see anything on the course calendar.

    By the way, if you want to discuss 6.046J, you could use my site!

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