If You’re Gonna SPEWS…

Wednesday, August 27th, 2003 @ 1:01 am | Internet

…and people ask why I don’t like RBL-type system…

I’ve always been from the school of thought that a false positive is far worse than a false negative, so I don’t want to run any sort of system that eats an email before I’m at least given the option of reviewing what’s being declared spam.

Currently, I’m downloading my email and running it through SpamSieve (yes, I’ve raved about it before and I’ll probably rave about it again…). Every so often, I’ll check the sender and subject lists for anything that looks like it was misfiled. Thus far, I’ve not found anything important misfiled — it’s usually stuff that looks like spam, but that actually interests me (no, not male enhancement products; I’m talking about offers from companies I’ve allowed to email me).

Another advantage of SpamSieve is that it’s produced by somebody I actually trust. RBLs like SPEWS seem to have a history of letting petty differences get in the way of blocking spam. In some ways, they’re no better than web filtering companies who have their products filter any site critical of them.

If anybody lost email to the SPEWS outage, sorry to hear that. However, I’m won’t be crying any tears over their apparent demise.

s/rant/rave/, or something like that.

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