Jacked Up

Thursday, August 14th, 2003 @ 8:50 pm | Mac

If anybody out there is thinking about buying something from MacMice or DVForge or whatever Jack Campbell is calling his latest scheme, don’t. Folks who read MacInTouch already know some of the history of Campbell and MacTable.com. However, Jacko is in rare form over on the Your Mac Life forums. Three separate threads, the first two locked to prevent anybody from messing with the content because Campbell made certain statements that Shawn King wants to preserve in case of legal action.

On the one hand, it’s a highly education read if you were looking at any of Campbell’s products. If you weren’t, then it’s a highly entertaining read and a lesson on how not to win friends and influence people.

…and yes, I’m intentionally not linking to any of Campbell’s sites. I have no desire to send him any traffic.

4 Responses to “Jacked Up”

  1. Jack Campbell Says:

    I am still waiting for someone, anyone, after having asked for over six months, to produce just one documented, legitimate case of a mistreated customer of my company. I seem to be attacked for all sorts of supposed misdeeds. but, then, nobody ever produces “the evidence” of any wrongdoing… just a lot of unsubstantiated aspersions based on email exchanges, undocumented, anonymous claims, and misstatements that are too-often simply accepted by readers at face value.

    The reality is pretty simple: I don’t go away, and I don’t hide… and, I speak my mind, like it or lump it. So, folks with whom I have normal disagreements in the course of business have an easy to reach target, afterwards. I have kept, and will keep a very public presence in the Mac community. So, anyone with the will to type an anonymous posting to a message board can aim whatever nonsense they wish to at me, and know that they’ll find me.

    I am not artificially modest. If I build a product I believe is a great product, I loudly proclaim it. If I do something right, or do something wrong, I just as loudly state either reality. I am brash, outspoken, and am not ashamed of myself for working hard to build a growing business. I am also not shy about confronting someone who acts in an aggressive or untoward manner toward that business. Of course, I do my confronting in the open; but, then those other folks then retaliate anonymously on the web.

    Maybe I should be quieter, milder, meaker, more humble… maybe folks wouldn’t get as rankled as they now seem to be. But, frankly, as long as my family and I know the reality of how hard we work to take care of our customers, suppliers, and resellers, I just don’t much care what a fairly small group of anonymous online bashers seem ot think.

    I hope that’s direct enough?

  2. Eric Blair Says:


    I’ve never done business with you, so I can’t claim to have been burned. However, the sheer amount of information about you on various Mac web sites, contributed both by you and by others, makes me extremely dubious of your claims.

    I’ve never railed against you anonymously on any bulletin board. I have better things to do with my time. However, I have formed an opinion of you based on what has been written. That opinion is not particularly favorable.

    I also have friends who read this web site. Many of these folks own Macs or iPods but are not plugged into the Mac web to the same degree as I. Therefore, I wanted to take the opportunity to let them know about you and form their own opinions.

    You’re welcome to say whatever you want. People may or may not use it against you.

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Here’s a web site devoted to the scoop on JC and Macmice:


  4. Joe Young Says:

    “I am still waiting for someone, anyone, after having asked for over six months, to produce just one documented, legitimate case of a mistreated customer of my company.”

    Here I am. I purchased one of your mouse devices in July 2005(a piece of junk). I returned it to your company within the return period after having obtained an RMA number (RMA #0887). Your company acknowleged delivery on 9 August 2005. To date, I have not received the credit to my credit card account. I have corresponded with Kenetha Boyd of your company on at least four occasions, and been given an excuse each time for why the credit has yet to appear. I have complied with your return policy, but have not received proper credit. I think this qualifies as mistreatment. How about putting your money where your considerable mouth is, and isssuing the credit?