Fun with Cars

Monday, August 4th, 2003 @ 10:59 pm | My World

As I sit in the waiting room at the Honda dealership waiting for the service department to finish my oil change, I’m faced with the choice between staring out the window at the rain and seeing the reflection of an irate customer or typing up something and ending my temporary blogging hiatus.

OK, take 2. As soon as I finished the above paragraph, the fellow at the desk called my name and told me my car was ready. Since this was the first service for my car, the dealership did it for free. Pleasantly surprised, I closed down my laptop and figured I’d finish this post with my original idea when I got home. Of course, then life decided to get interesting.

First off, you should realize we’ve had some torrential rain the last few days. As a result, the rather deep pothole on Route 114 was filled with water. Of course, I didn’t know the pothole was there my car dropped several inches and made a loud noise. When I came out of the pothole, the front passenger side of my car was still several inches lower than the rest of my car.

I really don’t know anybody else who can blow out a tire 5 minutes after leaving the dealership.

I swapped out the tire because I knew if I waited for AAA, the dealership would close before I could get there. I showed up 30 minutes before closing time, my hands covered in grease and everything else covered in bug bites. The fellow behind the desk was rather surprised to see me again so soon.

Drive in Massachusetts long enough and your bound to hit some massive potholes. I’ve not missed my fair share and apparently the one I hit tonight was a killer. Since the tire had some help in bursting, it wasn’t covered by the warranty and the dealership was out of that particular tire, so I trudged home on the donut. Since I planned on writing tonight anyhow, this whole experience seemed surreal enough that I should commit it to digital ink.

3 Responses to “Fun with Cars”

  1. Buzz Andersen Says:

    Whoa–sorry to hear about that! That must have been one hell of a pothole!

  2. Eric Blair Says:

    Yeah, they’re bred pretty big in Mass :/

  3. slava Says:

    Heh, try driving in Russia and NOT finding some massive potholes in an eyesight radius. 😉