Sox Keep Mashing

Saturday, July 5th, 2003 @ 2:03 pm | Sports

Well, I missed most of the Red Sox pounding of the Yankees yesterday, but I’m sitting down to watch the Ramiro MendozaRoger Clemens match-up as I type this.

The 7 home runs the Sox hit yesterday reminded me that I wanted to point out an article written by Mark Armour over at Baseball Prospectus on the historic pace of the Red Sox offense. Now, I knew the Sox were having a good year offensively, but I didn’t completely realize how good.

Also, David Pinto over at Baseball Musings has an analysis of the #9 hitters with the highest OPS. After yesterday’s two-homer performance, it’s not too surprising that Jason Varitek is at the top of the list with an OPS of 1.056 from the number 9 position. Overall, Varitek’s .968 OPS is good for 14th best in all of baseball (second on the team behind Manny Ramirez‘ 1.006). Is there any question this guy should be an All-Star?

Moveable Type seems to be acting up again, so wasn’t able to post when I finished writing it. Course, that’s giving me a change to gush about Trot Nixon‘s 2-run homer one pitch after Clemens hit Kevin Millar with a high inside pitch. Take that, Rogah!

And Nomar just made a sweet play a grounder up the middle to end the 2nd inning and prevent Hideki Matsui from scoring. I’m rather surprised by the loud cheer he received — sounds like there are a number of Red Sox fans in attendance.

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