Farewell, Casady & Greene

Tuesday, July 1st, 2003 @ 8:49 pm | Mac

Casady & Greene:

It is with profound regret that we inform you that Casady & Greene will close its doors on July 3rd, 2003, after nineteen years in the Software Publishing business. We have endured many industry downturns, but the last three years have presented a series of economic disasters from which we were unable to rebound. Please know that we are deeply grateful for your patronage and have been honored to serve you and please accept our very sincere apologies for any difficulties or inconveniences caused you by our closure.

I was saddened when I originally learned of this development on MacCentral. I think I’ve used software published by Casady & Greene almost from the first day I has a Mac. Conflict Catcher bailed me out of more problems than I’d care to remember. Yes, I was usually cursing during the time it took to run conflict tests, but the satisfaction of slaughtering the offending extension without sacrificing untold number of innocent bits more than made up for the time spent watching my Mac reboot.

I don’t think Casady & Greene ever recovered from the switch to OS X. When you have two marquee applications like Conflict Catcher and SoundJam and cannot sell either of them to OS X users, it can’t bode well for your future.

Even in it’s waning days, Casady & Greene is still treating it’s customers better than many companies that, sadly, will continue to exist beyond Thursday. If you go to the Casady & Greene home page, you will find a farewell message, along with contact and support information on every Casady & Greene product. In a few cases, the web site states that a given product is no longer supported by anybody, but the majority of the products are being supported by their original authors.

If you have a chance, read the farewell message on the Casady & Greene home page. In this day and age, where many companies go out of business and either leave their web pages untouched or disappear from the Internet without a trace, the farewell message shows the same care that Casady & Greene put into the products they published. They actually thank and apologize to their customers for any inconvenience their closing might cause customers.

As for Conflict Catcher, it appears that the farewell message on the Casady & Greene home page may serve as the venerable application’s obituary:

Conflict Catcher
Check back for information. At this time Conflict Catcher does not have a support contact.

Yesterday, some folks were discussing the point of the 10th Anniversary BBEdit Anthology on Erik Barzeski’s weblog. My point of view is that 10 years is worth celebrating. Casady & Greene published quality software for 19 years. As a long-time Mac user, it’s sad to see this company go, but it is also worth celebrating everything they accomplished.

If you’re interested in more of the history and passing of Casady & Greene, you should read John Gruber’s posting on the subject. I had this posting largely worked out in my mind before reading John’s work, but he summed up my thoughts rather nicely with his opening: Well that sucks.

Oops. I managed to spell Erik Barzeski’s name wrong. I should know better, but spelling “Eric” with a ‘c’ is a hard habit to break. Sorry, Erik, I know you don’t like when folks do that.

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