Email Bliss, aka Mailsmith 2.0

Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 @ 10:35 pm | Mac

Mailsmith 2.0. The two words many an email-geek have been waiting to hear. So far, I’m really loving this release. It seems much faster and appears to have fixed a mailbox corruption issue that 1.5 was unable to fix. Good thing I was too damn stubborn to track the mailbox.

After a few hours of use, here are some of my favorite new features:

  • Integration with the OS X Address Book
  • A list of attached mailboxes for any attached filter
  • Import and export mail filters
  • Run system commands from glossary entries (opens up some real possibilities for power-users)
  • Different sort orders for different mailboxes using the Mail Browser (yay!)
  • URL coloring

I think I’ll miss the Find Messages About… command. For those who don’t know, this command tried to find messages about a specific topic. It wasn’t particularly fast and could only search your entire mail database instead of a subset of mailboxes, but I found it useful when I needed to find some information and I could not remember where the email was stored or a direct quote from the message.

There are two other big things about this release. First, SPEED! Mailsmith 2.0 seems much, much faster than version 1.5. Several months ago, I tried rebuilding my entire mail database with version 1.5 because I was having trouble with a number of my mailboxes. I started the process sometime before lunch while I was at work. I had to cancel the rebuild in the evening because I had to put my laptop to sleep so I could go home. Today, I started a rebuild at around 1 PM and was up and running again before I called it a day.

Second, Mailsmith now includes built-in support for Michael Tsai’s SpamSieve. No more messing around with filters and AppleScripts. Now I just select a few checkboxes in Mailsmith’s preferences and all my spam is neatly deposited in the (spam) mailbox. All very slick and easy.

If your serious about email (and don’t use IMAP), you should really try Mailsmith. If you’re using Mailsmith, you should really try SpamSieve. Therefore, it’s a very nice deal that if you buy Mailsmith 2.0 before July 30th, you get a free copy of SpamSieve.

Proof I’m not the only person crazy about this program — more thoughts on Mailsmith 2.0:

3 Responses to “Email Bliss, aka Mailsmith 2.0”

  1. Lee Bennett Says:

    I wish people would quit talking about Mailsmith as becoming the hands-down-best e-mail client out there.

    AFAIK, until they implement IMAP accounts (and implement it well), Mailsmith sucks.

  2. Eric Says:

    Thankfully, I have no need for IMAP support. I tried it for a few years back, but got fed up with it and started forwarding all my mail to a POP server. Honestly, if I were forced to use an IMAP server again, I’d rig up a similar work-around just so I could continue to used Mailsmith. I think it’s that good.

  3. Michael Tsai's Weblog Says:

    More Mailsmith

    I forgot to mention that Mailsmith 2.0 is a free update. Here’s some more blog coverage of it: Patrick Berry Eric Blair Seth Dillingham John Gruber Morbus Iff Chris Turner User Creations