Blackmail and the Air Force

Monday, June 9th, 2003 @ 12:10 am | Misc

When I’m using NetNewsWire, I sometimes lose track of which feed I’m currently reading. So, when I saw the following post, I though I must be reading NewsIsCrappy.

Senator Blocks 850 Air Force Promotions

Idaho Senator Larry E. Craig’s price to free the frozen promotions? Four C-130 cargo planes for the Idaho Air National Guard.

Nope. Turns out it’s straight from the New York Times. Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than a witty remark.

Speaking of the Times, I’m going to a family reunion later this summer. I fully expect to see people I’ve never met before, but as far as I know, Jason Blair won’t be there. I wonder how many folks will get it if I ask about Cousin Jason, though…

One Response to “Blackmail and the Air Force”

  1. Jon Gales Says:

    Yea I saw the story but couldn’t make it any more bizzare… This is why Senator’s should worry about a budget and let the military worry about the military.