iPod Text and Tabs

Thursday, May 29th, 2003 @ 1:39 am | iPod

Apparently, the iPod text engine doesn’t know about or like tabs. I’m refereeing some soccer games this weekend, so I wanted to put all the necessary info into iCal and sync it with my iPod.

For each game, there’s starting time, game number, and league information. Since the games are back to back on the same field, I decided to create a single appointment in iCal for the three games I’ve got this weekend and put the game info into the Notes for the appointment. For the sake of clarity, I put tabs between the bits of data so it would line up nicely. Here’s how it looked in iCal.

…and here’s how it looked with I viewed the calendar note on my iPod…

12:00 PM\t#1968\tU-12B\t3
1:30 PM\t#2048\tU-12G\t1
3:00 PM\t#2375\tU-12G\t3

I tried the putting the same data into a text file and saving it to my iPod’s Notes folder. The results there were even stranger, given what I saw in the calendar note.

12:00 PM#1968U-12B3
1:30 PM#2048U-12G1
3:00 PM#2375U-12G3

In this case, it’s not a big deal for me. I just reformatted the data with returns instead of tabs between the bits of data. I would think that not having tabs would put a make the Notes feature slightly less attractive to some people, though.

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