Tuesday, May 13th, 2003 @ 10:57 pm | Entertainment

Just finished watching the season’s penultimate episode of 24, via TiVo-delay. Wasn’t as exciting as the recent episodes, but it set things up for the next week’s finale.

More importantly, the preview for next week’s episode called it the “Season Finale,” as opposed to “Series Finale.” Sounds like my Tuesday night entertainment is guaranteed for another year 🙂

One Response to “24”

  1. Justin Williams Says:

    Yes, 24 got reupped for a third season, but Keifer and company have remained silent about what’s going to happen.

    My theory is that next season will be a continuation of this one. They could not have a cliffhanger like the president being on the brink of death like that, and just go away from it.

    It’s completely plausible. Jack was awake for 48 hours the first season (since it started at midnight), so he can just use his super powers to roll of that stretcher, save the president, find Maria and Max, and then come back to Kim and Kate 🙂