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Monday, April 28th, 2003 @ 10:09 pm | Mac

This could be bad. Since I’ve gotten home from work today, I’ve made the following purchases from the iTunes Music Store:

Thankfully, there were no Frank Zappa tracks or Denis Leary comedy bits, or this could have been worse.

Oddly enough, there was a message from my credit card company waiting for me on my answering machine — they wondered if I knew why Apple Computer would verify my credit card number without any sort of purchase. I called back and told them not to worry, I authorized the check and that there would be plenty of purchases to follow 🙂

I’m somewhat conflicted, though. Earlier this month, I bought the TiVo Home Media Option because I wanted to stream MP3s into my living room. I also want to buy one of the new iPods. Do I rip my remaining CDs as MP3s for compatibility today or AAC for higher quality and hopefully compatibility in the future? Decisions, decisions.

As Erik points out, Mental Jewelry is by Live, not SR-71. Also, cleanup up the itms links and fixed a typo.

7 Responses to “iTunes Music Store”

  1. Lee Bennett Says:

    Well, I WOULD have bought some music today, but Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in selling me any. I have an existing Apple ID, but every time I tried to go through the screens to configure it with my credit card information, I kept getting a box at the end (after I type in and submit my card info) that the request couldn’t be completed and to try again later.

  2. Eric Says:

    It took me several tries to get through. I managed to get my login infor accepted around 8 PM.

  3. Erik J. Barzeski Says:

    Mental Jewelry is by Live, no?

  4. Eric Says:

    Yup 🙂 Fixing it.

  5. Erik J. Barzeski Says:

    Why does this post keep showing up as new in NNW?

  6. Lee Bennett Says:

    This sort of sounds like Apple plans to go a route that would seem more logical. Apple couldn’t hope to make any money if they have to fill zillions of 99¢ transactions individually.

    My…uh…99 cents says you’ll see single monthly charges on the credit card statement.

  7. Eric Says:

    Sorry about the resposting/showing as new in NNW. I’ll try to work on the pre-post quality control so I can keep the unencoded ampersands and correctly-spelled typos to a minimum… or I could try to be slightly less anal…

    As for those montly charges, Lee, it’s the daily charges I’m more worried about. Man, this thing is like auditory crack 🙂