Friday, April 25th, 2003 @ 7:14 pm | Digital Rights

“Defendants distribute and support software, the users of which can and do choose to employ it for both lawful and unlawful ends,” Wilson wrote in his opinion, released Friday. “Grokster and StreamCast are not significantly different from companies that sell home video recorders or copy machines, both of which can be and are used to infringe copyrights.”

Wow, this is great news for software developers in general and possibly a huge boon to the 4 college students being sued by the RIAA.

This is definitely the beginning of a very long road, but it’s nice to see a judge who makes an attempt to understand a technology instead of just buying into the RIAA and MPAA company lines.

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  1. Michael Tsai's Weblog Says:

    File-swapping Tools Are Legal

    Eric Blair links to this story. I didn’t expect this, and it’s great news.