NeXT OS 9?

Friday, April 25th, 2003 @ 8:05 pm | Mac

Michael Tsai:

Just as I was pining for the menu bar, Stone Design released FontSight, which brings back the Font menu. It doesn’t work in Carbon applications, but most Carbon applications have Font menus, anyway.

FontSight looks interesting — I really do miss the old Font menu. I was looking though the FontSight information and saw this quote on the Developer’s Info page.

FontSight™ works seemlessly with all Cocoa applications (truly Native OS X apps) – such as iCal, iPhoto, TextEdit, Mail and every application from Stone Design such as Create® or PhotoToWeb®.

ARGHHHHH! What the hell does “truly Native OS X apps” mean? As much as I like Cocoa, there’s nothing more OS X native about it then a well written Carbon app. If you compile a Carbon application as a Mach-O binary, it will only run on OS X. Are the folks at Stone Design trying to tell us that such applications aren’t OS X native?

Quick thought — does adding a Font menu to a “truly Native OS X” app make it less of an OS X app?

Daring Fireball does a wonderful job of tackling this very subject in his commentary of Dan Gilmore’s recent article, NeXT still stands out in its Mac incarnation. Quoted in Gilmore’s article is none other than Andrew Stone of, you guessed it, Stone Design.

Between Stone’s quotes in the article and the information on the FontSight web pages, it seems like Stone is forgetting something — the operating system is called Mac OS X, not NeXT OS 9.

I use both Carbon and Cocoa applications on a daily basis. The vast majority of the time, I could care less which development framework was used for writing the application. I care about two things — does it do what I need and does it do it well. I want real OS X applications. That doesn’t necessarily mean Cocoa. That means following Apple‘s guidelines to make sure your application is a good Mac OS X citizen.

It’s one thing to criticize your competitors products. That’s called marketing; it’s expected. It’s another thing entirely to claim an entire class of developers isn’t making “Native” OS X applications (what, are they fake?). Personally, I’ve started using a number of Cocoa applications since OS X was released. However, if all the “non-Native” Carbon applications didn’t run on OS X, there’s no way I could use OS X for day to day use.

I’ll definitely try FontSight. I just wish that certain Cocoa developers would spend more time producing quality products and less time slighting, intentionally or otherwise, other OS X developers for no good reason.

Cleaned up some tenses, but the message remains the same.

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