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Monday, April 7th, 2003 @ 8:22 pm | Sports

I flipped on ESPN over dinner to catch SportsCenter only to find that the DodgersDiamondbacks game had gone to extra innings. I decided to watch for a bit and take pleasure in the fact that the baseball game was screwing with ESPN’s pregame coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship. Yeah, I’m twisted like that.

Normally, there’s not that much of interest in the news ticker at the bottom of the screen. Apparently, today is rather different — there were several items I found news-worthy.

  • The Red Sox picked up the 2004 option on Pedro Martinez‘ contract. Earlier, Pedro told the Boston press that if the option wasn’t picked up before the end of Spring Training, he would go elsewhere at the end of his contract. He’s backed off of that demand lately, though. The next step is signing Pedro to a long-term contract that will keep him in Boston for 2005 and beyond. Of course, if the bullpen is continues to blow the games he starts, Pedro may not want to come back.
    By the way, if you’d told me a month ago that the Sox would be winless when Pedro started and undefeated when anybody else started, I’d have had you committed.
  • AOL Time Warner manged to unload both the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. Anybody else remember when teams owned by media conglomorates were supposed to have bottomless pockets of money to sign players?
  • An arbitrator voided the contract of Kick Returner Chad Morton and awarded him to the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons (about 1/5 through the article, right above Cheerleader of the Week — I think you can find that). Morton is the fourth member of last year’s New York Jets team to join the Persons this offseason. The Patriots helped the Persons pull off this deal by swapping draft picks so the Persons had the necessary conpensation to send the Jets.

Oh yeah, Lyle Overbay just hit a 2-run homer to make it 6 — 4 in the 12th inning. Looks like ESPN might get to air some semblence of a pre-game show.

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