Coke and Pepsi

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003 @ 7:14 pm | My World

Martin Schwimmer:

Now here’s ambush marketing.  Pepsi owns the naming rights to an arena in Albany that will host part of the NCAA Tournament. Coke is sponsoring the Tournament itself. The Pepsi signage will be covered up.

I’d normally find this ironic, but since I went to college about 20 minutes from the Pepsi Arena, I also found it highly amusing.

For the few years prior to my graduation, RPI held it’s graduation ceremony at the Pepsi. Officially, it was moved onto the campus soccer field because the administration thought the student body would appreciate graduating at the place they’d spent the last 4 years. Unofficially, from a friend who worked at the Pepsi Arena, RPI waited too long to book the arena and the date was taken by the time somebody decided to call the Pepsi Arena.

After a blunder like this, karma indicates that it must snow. And hail. In May. Needless to say, chaos ensued.

Stories like this bring me back to those… happy… days.

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