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Missing PITCHf/x Data

Sep 02, 2007 in Baseball, PITCHf/x, Red Sox, Sports

If you’ve paid attention to my links recently, you might have noticed my fascination with PITCHf/x. I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few pitches from Buchholz‘ no-hitter last night. I checked Buchholz’ pitch log only to find that none of the advanced data was available for his pitches. A little more digging showed that the information was missing for a few games.

I emailed Dan Fox over at Baseball Prospectus to see if he’d run across this before. I was curious if this was a systemic problem, an issue specific to the Fenway installation, or just something that’s popped up in August. Unfortunately, this seems to happen fairly frequently. It appears that the system is occasionally turned off, causing certain pitches or whole games to be missed.

So, would whoever is unplugging the PITCHf/x system to charge their iPod please stop?