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Display Webpages in Tabs

Jun 21, 2006 in Display Webpages in Tabs, Mac, Programming, Projects

I was looking at my Projects page and realized I hadn’t added anything new for over 3 years. I also saw I had some year+ old code in my Sandbox folder that appeared ready for distribution.

In the spirit of those two things, I’m happy to actually post something new. My Display Webpages in Tabs Automator action is now available. This action is largely a drop-in replacement for Apple’s Display Webpages action. The main difference is that my action, appropraitely enough, generates new tabs for URLs instead of new windows. The other difference is that my action only returns a single document reference instead of one one reference for every created document.

You can download Display Webpages in Tabs directly or you can visit the Automator Actions page on this very site. I may get around to posting the other actions I’ve got floating around my system.