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First Trip to Nationals Park

Apr 08, 2008 in Baseball, Nationals, Photos

Redding Pitching

I had a chance to take in a bit of a game at Nationals Park last night. It’s a very impressive stadium and I’m looking forward to getting back later during the summer.

Attendance was fairly sparse, but we chalked it up to the combination of the cold weather and the championship game scheduled for that evening.

Red Sox Photos

Aug 28, 2007 in Photos, Red Sox, Sports

I went to a pair of Red Sox games while I was visiting my folks last weekend — the Friday afternoon and Saturday night games against the Angels. I thought the Friday game would be a decent opportunity to snap some photos, but my SLR locked up while I was shooting the pregame warmups. I pulled two interesting shots off my SD800 IS, but I think I had some decent ones of Clay Buchholz warming up on film before that camera spit the bit.

Buchholz Warming Up

Here’s the main reason I brought my camera — Clay Buchholz big league debut. The Sox have been grooming him as their next stud pitcher and I was thrilled when I saw the schedule would line up so I’d get to see him.

Speier Juggling

This one just amused me. Justin Speier was entertaining fans and bullpen-mates with some mid game juggling. Afterwards, he tossed the balls out to a few fans, including a very excited young boy.

I didn’t bother with the camera for the nightcap, but my friend Dave brought his and posted a few pictures, including the old-timers gathered for Tony Conigliaro Night.