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1/10 DC-Area Tweetup

Jan 11, 2008 in Internet, People

Last night, I attended the DC-area Tweetup at Jimmy’s Tavern. As the name implies, it’s an opportunity for DC-area folks who’ve chatted on Twitter to actually meet up in the real world. This was the second time I’ve attended one of these, which I helped make the evening even more interesting — I got to see some folks I’d already met, meet some folks I only knew through Twitter, and meet people I hadn’t previously known.

1/10 DC Tweetup

Events like the tweetups bring together some of my favorite aspects of both being on Twitter and living in DC. DC has a decent technology and entrepreneurship community, though its often overshadowed locally by the political community and nationally by places like Silicon Valley and New York. Twitter’s made it easier to find out about the interesting work that local folks are doing and the tweetups (along with other tech-oriented events) help us extend the relationships started on Twitter.

Last night, I was comparing the experience of meeting 20+ people at the tweetup with occasionally meeting the folks I’ve worked with at ATPM. Due to the geography of ATPM, I’ve only met a handful of (past and present) staffers over the years. Some, like Chris, I’ve met by traveling to Macworld (sadly, not this year). Others, like Evan and Michael, I’ve met socially, and Tom and I actually live near each other. As much as I’ve enjoyed meeting them, large-scale gatherings are rarely, if ever, possible, which is too bad.

Like I said, he had about 20 folks last night. If I’ve missed anybody, I apologize:

There are random pictures from the event floating around folks Twitter streams, including George’s photos and Nahum’s mug-shots.

Quote of the Day

Apr 16, 2007 in Family and Friends

“i think that things started going downhill for me when i started wearing matching socks more often.” — Rob Colonna

A Musical Baton

May 19, 2005 in Entertainment, Family and Friends

In the past 24 hours, I received what I think is my first “Why haven’t you been blogging!” message from Chris and I got meme-slapped by Michael. Wow, big day.

Total volume of music files on my computer

15.71 GB

The last CD I bought was

Crossfade’s self-titled album

Song playing right now

Nothing at the moment, but the last thing on the iPod was a live version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me

Right now, I don’t really have any songs that mean a lot to me. However, there are a few that that’ve stuck with me over the years and a few that I’m rather into right now.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton

You know, I’m not even sure if half these people know about this blog 🙂 I think that means I need better advertising.

A quick note for Michael, Chris, and Lee — thanks for claiming the pretty much the whole ATPM staff!

Certain other people in my life need to get weblogs, simply because I’d really like to see how they’d respond to this.


Oct 09, 2004 in Family and Friends

Congrats to Chris and Ellen on the birth of Jordan Louise Contard. All home annd doing great.

Chris Hired

Dec 09, 2003 in Family and Friends

Yeah, yeah, so I’m a little slow. Chris Turner has rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed, working for AMX in Texas.

Barely a week on the job and he’s already pulled an all-nighter.

Congratulations, Chris.

Hire Chris

Oct 12, 2003 in Family and Friends

Chris Turner:

So potential employers, I’m a Mac geek with a decade of experience in computer support, with a little HTML knowledge I’d like to expand on. I need to stay in the Dallas area, and I’m open to contract, contract-to-hire, or, best of all, permanent positions.

If you’re looking for a Mac guy in the Dallas area, give Chris a look. I’ve known and worked with him through ATPM for several years now. He’s both very talented and very cool.