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Prepaid Wireless Card, Anyone?

Dec 29, 2004 in Misc

I don’t plan on making this a regular feature, but would anybody be interested in purchasing a $25 Prepaid Wireless Refill Card?

I was given this Prepaid Wireless Card as a Christmas gift from somebody who thought they were buying a Best Buy gift card. According to the card, it’s compatible with “Pay-As-You-Go” plans from Alltel, Boost Mobile, Cingular Wireless, i-Wireless, and T-Mobile. It also lists AT&T Wireless, which is now owned by Cingular.

The card has been separated from the plastic top, but the silver covering hasn’t been FastCard number on the back.


It’s a $25 card, so I’d like to get $25 for the card. However, I’ll consider reasonable offers. At the very least, I’d like to not be lying when I tell these people what I bought with their gift.

Blackmail and the Air Force

Jun 09, 2003 in Misc

When I’m using NetNewsWire, I sometimes lose track of which feed I’m currently reading. So, when I saw the following post, I though I must be reading NewsIsCrappy.

Senator Blocks 850 Air Force Promotions

Idaho Senator Larry E. Craig’s price to free the frozen promotions? Four C-130 cargo planes for the Idaho Air National Guard.

Nope. Turns out it’s straight from the New York Times. Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than a witty remark.

Speaking of the Times, I’m going to a family reunion later this summer. I fully expect to see people I’ve never met before, but as far as I know, Jason Blair won’t be there. I wonder how many folks will get it if I ask about Cousin Jason, though…


May 20, 2003 in Misc

Following a link from, I found out about Boston’s Molasses Disaster of 1919. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for most of my life and never heard about this. Not the way I’d pick to go.

There are several articles linked to on the Molasses Disaster Page. I read the Yankee Magazine article and did a double take when I saw my name in the text. That was definitely freaky.

Kyocera 2135 Transplant

Mar 14, 2003 in Misc

Alright, I’m going to try out LazyWeb. I just picked up a used Kyocera 2135 to replace the 2235 I accidentally laundered — who knew washing machines and cell phones didn’t mix. I recall reading online that it’s possible to transplant the guts of a 2135 into the case of a 2235, but I can’t remember where I read this and I didn’t see anything promising on Google.

Has anybody done this or seen these instructions online? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t imagining things, but I’d like to confirm this before I crack open my phone.