Saturday, January 12th, 2008 @ 3:02 pm | Internet

Fresh off of the recent tweetup, Aaron Brazell (technosailor) has set up the dctwits group on Twitter. It’s similar in practice to the c4 backchannel that Alex Payne enabled for c4.

I followed along the c4 backchannel during the conference and thought it was pretty interesting, both from the conference and twitter perspectives. I’d hoped we’d see official, permanent, support for that sort of feature at some point. Hasn’t happened yet, but thanks to the Twitter API, Aaron was able to develop a similar solution to meet our needs.

Follow along to find out what’s going on in the DC twitter-verse — the more people using this service, the greater the potential benefit.

Update: Aaron’s posted the source for DCTwits so you can easily setup your own Twitter group.

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