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Monday, August 13th, 2007 @ 10:22 am | Mac, Mail Headline, Projects

I’ve been a pretty heavy user of NetNewsWire for several years now and enjoy seeing what new features Brent Simmons adds with each new release. At some point (version 2.0, maybe?), he added the ability to email post contents. Unfortunately, this only worked with Mail. Since I primarily use Mailsmith, you might see how this could be a problem. Therefore, AppleScript to the rescue.

Mail Headline is a plain-text replacement for the Mail Contents of this News Item command that’s capable of supporting multiple email clients. The contents of the news item are processed with Aaron Swartz’ html2text and converted to Markdown-formatted text. The currently supported email clients include Mailsmith, Entourage, and Mail (if you prefer plain text over rich text for emails).

There are a few things you should know about this script.

  • You need to configure it for you email client before it will run. You do this by opening the script and uncommenting the line indicating your email client.
  • As written, it requires NetNewsWire 2.1.
  • NetNewsWire will not run the script from its Script menu. I recommend using something like the system script menu or FastScripts
  • html2text sometimes has refuses to translate pages. The two reasons I’ve seen for this are unencoded or unknown HTML entities. html2text can be updated to recognize the latter; I’m not sure what to do about the former.

You can visit the AppleScripts page for more information and to download the latest version

Update: Turns out Mail Headline supports 2.1, as well. Thanks for the info, Brent!

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