I Think He’s Actually Saying “Screw You”

Sunday, February 18th, 2007 @ 12:30 pm | Business, Sports

Tim Brosnan:

We offer the following assurances to our fans: Any deal for the Major League Baseball’s Extra Innings subscription package, when concluded, will in no way affect a single fan’s ability to watch games of his home club in his home market.

Tim Brosnan. Proud graduate of the Music Industry School of Reading Comprehension.

Yes, Tim, the reason many of baseball’s biggest fans are upset about the moving EI to DirecTV is due to local market games. Sure. It has absolutely nothing to do with moving the only televised option for out-of-market games to a service many people either cannot or do not want to purchase.

I’ll be honest. The new Premium option from MLB.tv looks decent. The demo of the 700K video looks decent, though it remains to be see how well it holds up with live content versus the prerecorded content you get in the demo. The Mosaic feature (watch six games at once) has also gone final and is now available for both Macs and PCs (it was PC-only during last season’s beta).

That said, the way this process has been handled and the BS being spewed by MLB is making me think very hard about eventually just getting a Slingbox. From what I understand, the video quality is worse than the Premium offering, but at least it won’t feel like I’m saying “Thank you sir! may I have another?”

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