Sunday, February 18th, 2007 @ 1:50 pm | Software

Man, I wish I’d had Firebug installed when I’d been working on the MBAA web site. Or when I’d been doing web development last summer (though the horribly, horribly non-compliant HTML we had might’ve been a problem). I like the Web Inspector that’s in the nightly builds of WebKit, it’s being able to tweak the CSS from within the web browser and immediately see the results is nice.

I used to use the Firefox Web Developer Add-on, but I was never crazy about the UI. It was functional, but not particularly attractive. I also felt like the UI kept me from using the add-on to its fullest potential.

I installed Firebug yesterday just to have it and I used it for the first time today to fix a spacing issue with the smileys in my theme.

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