A Compliment from MDJ

Monday, July 3rd, 2006 @ 12:03 am | Internet, Mac

Chris points out that ATPM received a plug in the MacJournals‘ 2005-2006 MDJ Power 25, under the “Unheralded” section:

Only writers from TidBITS and Macworld made the list again, blanking out the talented staffs at print publications like MacAddict and at online journals such as About This Particular Macintosh (whose editor, Michael Tsai, is also the author of DropDMG and SpamSieve, two best-of-class shareware products).

I’ve been writing for ATPM for almost 8 years now and, although my involvement has tailed off a bit over the last year-plus, it’s been a pleasure the whole time. There have been and continue to be a number of very talented people on the staff and it’s deeply gratifying to see the publication and its staffers receive the recognition.

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