On That Date…

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 @ 1:24 am | Internet

Dammit Chris. Meme-tagging me. Don’t worry, I will get you back.

OK. March 13th. Three Events. Two Births. One Death.



Santana and I were actually born on the same day. He’s the best left handed pitcher in baseball. Some would argue that you should drop the “left handed” part from the previous statement. I’m a grad student. Hmm.


Gonna cheat on the death section — Clarence Darrow also died on March 13, in 1938. I’m mentioning Darrow, of course, because he was the defense attorney in the Scopes Monkey Trial, which came about because of aforementioned law passed on March 13, 1925.

I think my blogcircle’s been completely consumed, at least among those who would deign to participate in a meme. Thus, I’m breaking the chain. Thank you, and goodnight.

One Response to “On That Date…”

  1. soze Says:

    I <3 Clarence Darrow. Go read Inherit The Wind sometime, it’s a play derived from Scopes Monkey Trial testimony. You’ll love it.