Dead iPod

Friday, March 3rd, 2006 @ 5:34 pm | iPod

Well, according to the folks at, my iPod is kaput. To get it back into working condition, they’d need to replace the hard drive, which would run $150 for a 20GB drive of $200 for a 40GB drive — they’ve discontinued the 30GB drive.

At that price, I decided not to bother with the repair. I wouldn’t want the 20GB drive because collection is already pushing that limit. As 40GB unit, I’d rather spend the extra $70 on a new 30GB iPod and get the video capabilities, as opposed to the extra 10GB of storage space.

Actually, I’m going to put off a replacement purchase till after April 1. I don’t make a habit of shopping via rumors, but delaying the purchase seems prudent, what with Apple’s 30th anniversary looming. It’s sort of like not buying a new computer the week before MacWorld… just in case. If a compelling new product comes out, I might think it’s worth the price premium. Or, said product might drive down the price of the existing iPods, but I wouldn’t count on it.

They offered me $20 salvage value for the iPod, but I passed. Apple offers 10% on iPod trade-ins and the fellow at the Apple Store seemed to indicate that they weren’t particularly picky about the condition of the iPod being traded — I assume the worst-case scenario for Apple is that they properly dispose of any unsalvageable iPod instead of just chucking them into the nearest landfill, but that’s just supposition on my part. In any case, $20 was a small enough value that I didn’t feel bad turning it down.

Update: Last week, called me back to say that my iPod was working fine and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Furthermore, they had no record of our previous conversation. I was slightly concerned about both of these comments, so I requested that they retest the iPod again. I just heard back and they now agree that the hard drive is hosed. This time, they offered $35 for the iPod. When you factor in the cost of shipping, this is more than I’d get from Apple, so I took the money.

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