DRM and Me

Thursday, October 13th, 2005 @ 7:42 pm | Digital Rights

Tom Bridge:

iTunes is good for the music business, good for us. The DRM is a something we have to put up with to sleep at night, and for now I’m willing to play by their rules because the content is good, and it has restrictions I can live with. Call me a dupe, or call me a rube, and I’ll ignore you. I’m looking at you, Cory Doctorow.

Nicely put, Tom. Other’s have written similar opinions in the past (I can pull up postings in NetNewsWire from Chuq Von Rospach and Bill Bumgarner without even trying), but Tom’s posting happened to catch my eye when I had the time and inclination to blog it.

I don’t know if Cory Doctorow wrote something to trigger Tom’s post — I stopped reading BoingBoing some time ago because I found myself getting really tired of Cory’s rants.

The majority of content creators aren’t going to allow legal digital distribution of their assets in an unprotected form. All the moaning in the world won’t change this simple fact. As a consumer, I’m content to accept a DRM system that balances the wants and desires of the average consumer with the requirements of the copyright holders.

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