Cocoalicious 1.0b37

Saturday, September 17th, 2005 @ 2:01 pm | Mac, Programming

Buzz posted the newest version of Cocoalicious this morning, including the favicon support that I worked on earlier in the summer. I haven’t looked at the code, but from the release build posted, the favicon downloading routine seems much more efficient than my original code.

I really want to find some time to look at the changes — one of the downsides of my original technique was that it only found favicons named “favicon.ico” that were in the root level of the server. If that’s still the case, I’d be interested in trying out the WebKit-approved method for finding favicons, since that also checks the actual HTML code for a link tag pointing towards an alternate location for the favicon.

It sounds like there lots of other cool stuff in this release as well. Check out the release notes and grab the latest version.

2 Responses to “Cocoalicious 1.0b37”

  1. Buzz Andersen Says:

    Yeah, the favicon implementation is still “dumb.” It would be nice to have it use the proper channels for that.

    The implementation still uses much of your original code (especially for downloading and caching the icons), but I did move a lot of of it to a “SFHFFaviconCache” class that implements a memory as well as a disk cache and only accesses the disk if the icon isn’t in the memory cache. I also improved the 2D drawing performance, which was the real killer (pre-sized the images and turned off caching for the in-memory icon images).

    Thanks again for all your work!

  2. Buzz Andersen Says:

    When I say “turned off caching”, I mean turned off NSImage’s built-in caching, BTW. Presumably due to the elimination of caching overhead, this seems to have sped things up quite a bit! Who would have guessed…