Knoppix Redux

Saturday, August 13th, 2005 @ 5:41 pm | Gadgets

Prior to moving down to Alexandria, my brother’s computer unexpectedly came back from Best Buy, so I had a chance to restore it back to normal instead of dumping the task on a friend.

Before pulling everything off the backup drive, I planned to start by running the Windows XP Professional upgrade. I booted the laptop and discovered the HP had used an updated drive image when they replaced the hard drive. The main difference was that the new image included a 60 day free trial of Norton AntiVirus 2005, whereas the original image hadn’t included any protection.

Sadly, the new drive image also included Windows XP Home SP 2, whereas my XP Professional upgrade was only SP 1. As I learned, Home SP 2 cannot be “upgraded” to Professional SP 1, so I had to wipe out the Windows installation and start from scratch. Bye-bye, virus protection.

I’m so happy Apple doesn’t pull this BS with OS X. There’s just normal OS X and OS X Server, with little reason to upgrade from one to the other. I suppose you could take a machine with 10.4 Client and revert it to 10.3 Server, but Apple’s Clean Install option seems to be better about not breaking programs than the comparable Windows installation option.

Once I got Windows “upgraded” to Professional SP 1 and applied the myriad of Windows updates, I reinstalled all the software. As I suspected, there were no problems with product activation.

Finally, I pulled all the Knoppix-salvaged data off the hard drive. The only catch I discovered during this process is that all the files on the backup drive were flagged as Read Only and this caused a few problems when I tried to access a few data files. Once I figured this out, most things just worked.

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