T-Minus 2 Days…

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 @ 11:07 pm | My World

…till unemployment kicks in…

In the past, I tried to refrain from blogging about my job in anything but the most basic of terms. Yes, I’m a programmer. Yes, I work on the Mac. Yes, I work in the Boston area. I might’ve mentioned one or two other things, but I don’t believe I’ve given away any real info. Keeping my employer out of my weblog seemed like a prudent thing to do — I’m less likely to write something that pisses off the people signing my paycheck and people won’t try to map what or when I post back to my employer.

However, when I walk out of the building on Friday, I’ll no longer be employed. So… for nearly the last three years, I’ve been a software engineer at Avid Technology, working on various video editing products and related tools. That doesn’t include to two stints I worked at Avid while I was at college.

For the most part, it’s been a good time. I’ve worked on some interesting projects and I’ve learned a lot about programming, business, the entertainment industry, and a variety of other topics. The people and the work environment are both top notch and I’ll miss both aspects of the job. If you’re looking for a development job in the Boston area, Avid’s hiring — there are even a handful a Mac-specific jobs.

Now that I’m done raving about the place, you might wonder why I’m leaving. Simply put, I need to get away from commercial development for a while. About a year ago, I got to the point where I wanted nothing to do with computers. This continued for 6-8 months (which coincides largely with most of my months of single-digit postings) before I started breaking out of my funk. I’ve started to enjoy work a bit more, but I’m also looking forward to getting away for a while.

What do I plan to do during my jobless period? Head back to school, of course! On August 1st, I move into my new apartment in Alexandria, VA. Two weeks later, I’ll start the orientation program for George Washington University‘s School of Business. Yup, it’s MBA time.

I’m currently undecided about what I’ll choose as my concentration. Originally, I was thinking Finance, but as I’ve emerged from my aforementioned “dark period,” I’ve been leaning towards either Entrepreneurship or Science, Technology and Innovation. In either case, I think I’d like to get back to the Technology industry when I’m done with school.

Well, that about sums my life update. Now, I’ve got two weeks to pack and clean my apartment, which are perhaps two of my least favorite activities in the world 🙂 Anybody want a 30-year old couch, cheap?

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