TiVo and Netflix

Monday, September 6th, 2004 @ 10:21 pm | TiVo

Matt Haughey:

Tomorrow’s Newsweek carries a story about a new Netflix/TiVo partnership that sounds perfect for anyone that has a subscription to both TiVo and Netflix.

OK, this is cool. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting Netflix once I move into my new apartment next week. If this is done right, it could pretty much seal the deal for me.

I realize you’d probably lose a few things by downloading the movies to you TiVo instead of popping in a DVD. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the DVD extras were missing. I think the audio options would be limited, since the TiVo only has stereo-out ports.

On the plus side, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging or losing the DVD. Hopefully, I’d could also decide that I wanted to watch a flick when I get home from work and queue up the download so I could watch it when I get home (deities of bandwidth willing).

Like I said, this really needs to be done right if it’s going to work. Since TiVo currently offers web-based scheduling, I’d expect that you’d at least be able to queue up movies over the web. It would be really cool, though, if the process were completely integrated with Netflix — the TiVo web interface is certainly usable, but I’d rather use something like Netflix Freak.

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  1. regan Says:

    i think it’s a sure-fire bet that tivo will have a new series of dvr’s announced when they announce the deal with netflix. new dvr’s would make all of the limitations a non-issue.